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Our Mission

Is to improve quality of life healthand prosperity of the community

Dr.BiovedaTM is a technology company built around 21st century proprietary Ayurveda based technology and the latest e-commerce platform which integrates sales with digital payments, a virtual office with the latest business tools, and a dashboard to monitor sales performance. Our mission is: To improve the quality of life health and prosperity of the community. We recognize that people are our greatest assets. We provide members of our organization and local communities with unique opportunities to learn about a healthy lifestyle, share the knowledge and build a solid financial foundation for their families. To achieve our goals we created a unique business infrastructure and highly desirable life-changing products. All our products are highly efficacious and focus on human health and wellness.

Why Dr. Bioveda

Dr. Bioveda is a technology driven company best designed for 21st century with a combination of Ayurveda based technology & e-commerce platform which makes the operation of our website and other online sales channels into one unified commerce platform & monitor the sales performance efficiently using the latest & modernised technology applications.

Ayurvedic formulation treated with Bio-Resonance technology becomes very effective and gives the consumer measurable results in a measurable time. Ayurveda is the holistic approach towards treating incurable diseases . This age old custom is retained in all our products which are developed on traditional herbal formulas with more than 30 years of research by our scientists. Like all original AYURVEDA remedies, they address underlying conditions that cause the disease and help our bodies to resist and overcome the problems naturally. Our Products are considered as food supplements to improve overall quality of health .

Dr bioveda is a direct selling company with all its products customized for individual health benefits which can be used by all age groups without any side effects. Our Business Model is very simple & conveniently accessible to all members & their customers who can buy our products at an affordable cost with multiple health benefits. We ensure quality & effectiveness for a healthy lifestyle with our patent formula as well as build financial stability in our community through our organisation.

Bio Resonance Technology (BRT)

Our Core Technology

OUR Bio-photon Resonance Technology (BRT) is the result of more than 30 years of extensive research by an international group of scientists, which created a proprietary unique approach to restore and amplify the efficacy of herbal ingredients. Ayurvedic formulation treated with BRT becomes very effective and gives the consumer measurable results rapidly. All our products are developed based on traditional herbal formulas. Like all original AYURVEDA remedies, they address underlying conditions that cause the disease and help our bodies to resist and overcome the problems naturally.
They considered a food supplement and may improve your quality of life.

Our Executive Team

We have professional team members
Qunish Patel

Chairman, CEO

Mike Kazakevitch

Founder of Dr. Bioveda

"You will never find the right opportunity if you never let go wrong one."

Being priveledged to be born into a wealthy family In Gujarat, Qunish Patel was gifted with a childhood lifestyle comparable to the likes of royalty. His father and his grandfather were astute businessmen and landowners with ties in the diamond industry. All qunish had to do was to learn the family trade and enjoy a lifetime.
When he was 18 years old he entered a shiva temple in his hometown of Bhairav and his life path was forever altered. The catalyst was a mystical encounter with a yogi Bhagatji, One in which Qunish would never forget.
Among many of the teachings Qunish received thy day, one thing that stuck out to him was that Mother Nature in fact has a solution to every single health problem on earth. Fascinated and inspired, Qunish began studying and practicing the teachings of Ayurveda. This led him on a mission to heal the world and share the teaching.
He walked away from the family business and left India With only $1000 in his pocket, moving to the United States in pursuit of his dreams. After accumulating much success in the hotel business, Qunish doubled down on his mission and founded Bio-Resonance Technology “Dr. Bioveda“, an Ayurveda wellness company. His passion and pursuits have taken him across the world as a seeker of truth, meeting yogis, scientists and mystics from all walks of the world.
After learning about a revolutionary tool called Bio-resonance technology from friend ,mentor and scientist Mike kazakevitch, he was able to Connect all the dots. Que knew that his mission to heal the world would be successful. He took advice given by his father. Dive deep into his talents and make this discovery.
“Que is a firm believer that “you either win or you learn”, there is no in between”

Mr. Qunish Patel
Chairman, CEO
The science of today is the technology of tomorrow

Mr. Mike Kazakevitch believes in technology that will bring change in the health of millions. He is a Russian scientist whose team is behind the Bio-Resonance Technology (BRT). He is an expert in product development with more than 20 years of product development in United States. Mike is the founder & CEO of IQ Naturals Inc, the natural product development company and the owner of the BRT. He holds Master’s degree in Medical & Industrial electronics from Tomsk Polytechnic University. His interest in Research & development with a vision of high-quality product innovations led him to Ayurveda and eventually brought BRT technology back to India. According to Mike Ayurveda and Bio-Resonance technology are made for each other. 5000 years old Ayurveda is a foundation and a knowledge base of contemporary medicine which lost its efficacy due to industrialization… BRT restores and amplifies Prana as an essential part of herbal power. Mike’s vision is to provide humanity with natural, safe and highly effective alternative to toxic & synthetic drugs. And it must start in India – country which gave birth to the most advance healing teaching in the history of natural medicine.

Mr. Mike Kazakevitch
Founder of Dr. Bioveda

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